About The Presentation Maestro

“Quality never goes out of style.” – Levi Strauss




  • Experience. Over 50 years combined experience – working in 11 countries, with over 70 nationalities and 75 organisations
  • Results: From winning billions in new business, to rising share prices, being offered promotion, or jobs with competitors – getting your message heard – we deliver results; increasing your confidence and competence.
  • Background. Michael’s background includes 5 years in the Army, 2 years in a merchant bank and 6 years with Procter & Gamble.
    Helen has worked in the retail, legal accounting, investment banking and education sectors including 3 years at Goldman Sachs.
  • Track Record. Our experience has been built serving clients in investment banking, retailing, manufacturing, technology, facilities management, property, media, oil and gas, music and film, to name a few.
  • Consistent Outstanding Results. Our programmes have been refined and honed over 30 years. They are highly practical, easy to apply, massively save time – and just work. They deliver results every time. Guaranteed.
  • Continuing Professional Development. We keep ourselves current investing over 20 days a year in our own personal and professional development.
  • Values. Integrity, Quality & Results second to none, Value for Time, Exceed Expectations
  • No Risk Guarantee. When you work with us, you will at the very least double your presenting effectiveness. Or your money back
Michael Trigg

A little more about us

The fear of public speaking is one of the most common phobias, and is actually the top fear in the USA coming above dying!.  At school we both avoided all forms of public performance such as debating or acting. Remembering what it’s like to suffer the torments of the damned when standing up in public is one of the reasons we are good at helping others with this. We’ve been there.
We believe there are barriers to a clear message being heard in most presentations so we do all we can to help you avoid these, and deliver a crystal-clear message every time.
We work with people ranging from CEOs and directors to managers, supervisors and sole traders.  The profound change we see is both a joy and a privilege to witness. You’ll leave us knowing how to prepare easily and quickly – saving up to 90% of preparation time – and how to give a crystal-clear message.
Helen Lord joined me, Michael Trigg, in The Presentation Maestro as a director in 2018. Together, we bring over 50 years of training and teaching experience to our clients. Helen’s special area of interest is helping introverts to recognise their strengths and be more efficient, effective and successful.
Together we help clients to connect and engage effectively – no tricks, no acting, just naturally them. As we are in the teaching and learning business, we invest time and money in our own personal and professional development and have done for over 3 decades. We continue to develop new ways of reaching and teaching both nationally and globally.

The Presentation Maestro – The Name

“Maestro” is a term from classical music. It refers to the conductor. Yes, he or she is usually a master of their craft, yet a truly great performance can only happen with the willing participation of the orchestra. The Maestro’s mastery comes not just from a deep understanding of the musical score, but also from getting the players to give their best. We are masters of our ‘score’ and we teach our clients to reach their own mastery in the craft of presenting.


  • Realising potential – we see how much potential people have, but how often fear, the wrong thinking and lack of clarity get in the way.
  • We like to exceed expectations, both your expectations of us – in terms of the value from the training, but also, helping you exceed your expectations of yourself.
  • Delivering results – we are business people, not actors. We work with you to understand what you want to achieve and helping you get there. Our tools consistently get results because we’ve designed them that way. What we teach is unique – and just works.
  • Our promise is to double the effectiveness of your talks, or your money back.
We both believe in making a difference whilst doing what we love.  The Presentation Maestro works with B1G1 (Buy one, Give one) choosing and donating to charitable projects from around  the world. 
We change the world in more ways than one….
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