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“Hi I’m Michael Trigg, The Presentation Maestro.  And at your level of seniority you are probably well used to standing up in front of a group of people or in front of clients or even a big symposium and delivering your message. But are you doing it as effectively as you’d like to be?
And this was all put in perspective for me because I went to the Institute of Directors Conference a few years ago and one of the speakers was the Chief Executive of one of the biggest banks in Europe and frankly she was appalling she read from glass plates which very few people can do effectively not even most politicians and they’re doing it all the time and she had no message at all. It was just embarrassing.
So the chances are even given the pressures you’re under time pressure, expectations the need to deliver almost at the drop of a hat is that you’re maybe missing the mark a little bit.
And that’s not because you lack ability, it’s probably because you’ve been taught wrongly because good speakers are trained or coached they’re very rarely born. And most of what is taught in the area of presenting is frankly wrong. At best it’s mildly useful and at worst it’s either manipulative or misleading.
So if you want to do your company justice and you justice and to stand out from the crowd and be able to talk as if off the cuff and with crystal clear clarity taking a fraction of the time it takes you to prepare and put it together at the moment then give me a call and let’s meet, sit down, find out if we like each other and then if we decide to work together I guarantee you will exceed your expectations and shine in this most crucial of leadership abilities.   I look forward to hearing from you.”