xboxI caught a snippet of a news item on the Today programme last week. Microsoft have just launched their latest Xbox to huge excitement all round. And here’s the “killer” statistic.

Microsoft have 335 servers to support it. And their combined processing power is greater than all the computing power in the world in 1999. That’s only 14 years ago. Is it any wonder that the pace at which technology moves  might cause headaches for some? Particularly if you’re over 40. The Chinese have already 3 D printed an American fighter jet- for about 5% of the cost of buying it from the US of A.

Tesla cars are battery powered, yet have the range of the average car on one charge, and the acceleration of a Porsche – and they look cool too.

So why am I writing about tech when my speciality is teaching presentation mastery?


Firstly, it’s fascinating and I’d think you’d be interested. Secondly , it’s part of modern life. But thirdly- and this is the main thrust of this article- I want to wave a wand of reassurance. I have no bigger crystal ball than anyone else. Yet I am certain that whatever the pace of technological invention, there is and will always be a huge need for people to communicate and inspire and get their message across clearly. More and more this is done by video- on “town hall” broadcasts, on websites and on YouTube. And of course face to face in meetings, pitches, speeches and addresses.

I sat through a convention at the Royal Albert Hall recently,listening to some of the most powerful people in the country. Some were good at connecting with us, and some were abysmal. A few had a message, most didn’t. So there is huge scope for being able to stand out from the crowd- to rise above the mediocre.

Like it or not, people judge us and our organisations on seeing and hearing us speak. Take the trouble to learn how to do it well, and you will stand out from your competition- both internal and external. Become complacent, and you will lose out to those that do.

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