Kevin O’Byrne

ex-CEO, B&Q

Really invaluable”

Richard Walgate

Divisional Director, B&Q

Hi Michael

Richard Walgate testimonial I just felt compelled to send you a short note acknowledging the value I got from your session on Friday. I found it challenging & stretching, educational, confidence building and so much fun. The best development I have had in twenty years. Very grateful. 

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Jessie Pengilly


Presenter, CISCO

I did the Masterclass with Michael Trigg a couple of months ago. And the results have been incredible. It’s enabled me to not only talk concisely but also to have far more impact when I speak. I structure my presentations COMPLETELY differently , and I’m able to remember them as well. Which is something I’ve always had problems with. I would strongly recommend Michael’s Masterclass because it’s helped me not only improve my work but I’m so much happier with what I produce.”  To Watch Jessie Pengilly’s video testimonial – click here

Rob Minns

Sales Director, Metapack

 …3 weeks ago I completed the Presentation Masterclass with Michael. It’s a fantastic programme & I can thoroughly recommend it …absolutely delighted we did it. Before the training, we were very inconsistent in our presenting….no one had the same look and feel to how they delivered and we had lots of bad habits. Now, we’ve got a terrific approach…consistent methodology ..and a really clear way of delivering our message to our customers and prospects. I’m really delighted we did the course – and would thoroughly recommend you do it…” To watch Rob Minns video Testimonial – click here

Louise Cox Chester

Ex Director of Flemings, UBS, Dresdner, CSFB. Founder of Mindfulness at Work Ltd

When I worked in the city I don’t know how much, over the years, was spent on my presentation skills training but actually I never think I was ever very effective… and now I have a fool proof structure. ….to make sure that I get my point across in a really effective way and I can do it all without notes. That’s the amazing thing – I can do everything without any notes at all…and there is no stress. … I can prepare really quickly, it has saved me days and days … It’s changed my life.” To watch Louise Cox Chester’s video Testimonial – click here

Mark WilliamsKeith Williams

Sales Director, Wavex Technology Ltd

We engaged Michael very specifically for and event we were running for 50 senior executives of both our customers and target market. Michael’s training was pretty liberating. We learned a great deal about how to hold an audience , how to engage with that audience and how to deliver a compelling presentation to them. We received very positive feedback from our customers – many of whom said this was one of the best events that they’d ever attended. I feel very confident now at delivering a 30 minute presentation – without notes and without slides. Absolutely invaluable training- and I’m happy to be an advocate on his behalf.” To watch Mark Williams video Testimonial – click here

louise-coxAndrew Cox

Director, London Residential Development , Savills

“I was recently asked to present to a couple of senior directors, with a view to securing a promotion to director. I had to provide a  15 minute presentation illustrating what I’d done, and what I could do. 

I called Michael and invited him to work with me on a couple of sessions. We did that, and I also read his book, which I thought was fantastic. 

It helped me to plan and deliver my presentation very effectively. I got the promotion and the result was a successful one. I’d recommend Michael and his book, Blow Your Own Horn, to anyone. Many thanks”. To watch Andrew Cox’s video Testimonial – click here

Mark Cooper

Director of People Development, Europa Services

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michael for about 7 years now. During that time Michael has run a series of pretty high profile sessions for us and for our senior teams. All of which have produced highly tangible results. On one particular occasion we put through 4 people with Michael – on a session focussing on their specific “gift” and their specific presentation style…..aimed at ensuring that when we went out to present a major pitch to a potential client the following week, they would create the best impact possible. I was delighted to learn that as a result – we won not just one contract, but as a result of those presentations –  two. And a large percentage if that really comes down to Michael’s skill. I am looking forward to working with him over the coming years..&  I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending him for any type of group – but specifically for senior teams who have high profile presentations to give.” To watch Mark Cooper’s video Testimonial – click here

Laura Hare

PR & Thought Leadership Manager, Metapack

“Often in my role I have to give some quite “scary” presentations to some really senior executives and consultancy firms ….elevating the position of the company and to tell them why the work we do is so great. 

Before the training, I was quite nervous about how to structure a presentation and how to communicate my ideas in a fluid and clear way. 

Straight away Michael showed me techniques on how to improve on that – that I could put into practise straight away. There was no confusion. They were easy to adopt – and moving forward I can see so many situations where so many of the techniques will really come in handy. I would recommend it wholeheartedly.”  To watch Laura Hare’s video Testimonial – click here

Mark Williams

Mark Williams

Partner & Alliances Director, Wavex Technologies

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Connie Phillips

Connie Phillips

Head of Learning and Development, CMG Europe

(Weber Shandwick, Futurebrand, Octagon, Jack Morton) “…as a result of the fantastic work he did, he has since been referred across the organisation and the group. He has been a delight to work with… real passion and commitment and many years of experience… I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him. Michael cares about what he does and delivers value each and every time.” To watch Connie Phillips’ video Testimonial – click here

Connie Phillips

Louisa Clarke

Finance Director

“I’ve just spent a fabulous 2 days with Michael. I’ve done quite a lot of presentations in the past, but this course has really helped me focus on getting my message across and engaging people as I do so. It’s really helped me improve my preparation and cut down the time it takes. The 2 days have been VERY enjoyable, very interactive and the chance to join in, give your opinion and have a bit of a laugh as well, which is no bad thing!” To watch Louisa Clark’s video Testimonial – click here

Rik Hennink

Rik Hennink

Regional Director, Central & Eastern Europe, The Vita Group

“At first I was a little sceptical. I thought this would be a standard sales presentation course. I then found out this was a totally different approach. Michael opened my eyes…..and I for sure can recommend it. And if it’s working for a stubborn guy like me, it should definitely work for you!” To watch Rik Hennink’s video Testimonial – click here

Anita Way

Anita Way

Director, Head of Education & Development, UBS Wealth Management

“…after the event I had a lot of managers approaching me… wanting Michael to come back and work with their teams and with individuals. Fantastic feedback… very professional… very thorough… I’d recommend Michael thoroughly. From a commercial point of view, you see a true value from the investment.” To watch Anita Way’s video Testimonial – click here

Claire Koryczan

Head of Business Development, Decoded

“I first met Michael 5 years ago now when I worked at the global branding consultancy Future Brand. Before my Presentation Masterclass training with Michael I had a couple of things that I needed to work on in terms of my presentation skills. The first one was confidence in the way that I delivered a presentation and the second one was the fear that   I would actually forget what I was saying mid flow during the presentation….. Michael taught me invaluable skills…. how to map out a presentation ….how the brain actually stores information ….and that gave me the confidence to be able to  go out there and talk to really senior people, professionals, my clients and deliver presentations really well. Just last week I gave a talk to 160 people where I delivered something that was truly great ….and I would not have been able to do that if I had not been on that  Masterclass which I am truly grateful for.” To watch Claire Koryczan’s video Testimonial – click here

Heather Whitehead

Heather Whitehead

Operations Director, Rentokil Initial

“I approached the 2 day advanced presentation skills course with a good deal of interest and enthusiasm but I was also curious about what I would get and it really has been an inspiration… doesn’t happen very often…. when I can say I have truly learned something new in 2 days. I’ve learnt to approach presentations in a completely different way…..within 2 days I’ve reached a point where I can prepare quickly and efficiently for a presentation and present to a group of people I may never have seen before, using no notes, potentially no slides or minimal slides….to truly engage with them in a confident and clear way. Not only have I learnt something absolutely new in the last 2 days, but the atmosphere has been fantastic. It’s been very relaxed, very informal. The 2 days have absolutely flown by, I don’t know where they’ve gone to and that doesn’t happen often when you go on a course, so, I would highly recommend this programme and I would thank Michael for what he’s given us.” To watch Heather Whitehead’s video Testimonial – click here

Mike Rushmore

Mike Rushmore

Senior Executive, Markit

“…I found my experience with Michael to be tremendously valuable. I’m looking forward to working with Michael over the years on this “life” skill- making me more effective- and he is the guy I’ll turn to for that.” To watch Mike Rushmore’s video Testimonial – click here

Tim Hancock

Tim Hancock

Group Business Development Director, Connaught plc

“…Michael first worked with me 15 years ago… helped hone and develop my skills, which I use to this day. Since then, I’ve taken Michael to 4 different companies… introduced him to senior plc executives who’ve worked personally with him to develop their skills… all of it a huge success. Everybody who’s worked with him has said “That’s the best course I’ve ever been on / the best person I’ve ever worked with.” To watch Tim Hancock’s video Testimonial – click here

Laura Woodward

Laura Woodward

Account Director, Weber Shandwick

“Before Michael’s course, I wasn’t too confident as a presenter. I either over planned or under planned, but never really felt confident walking into a room, especially if I was leading on any particular conversations. I was completely……..it surpassed my expectations. It was brilliant…it was very active, very engaging, very focussed. From the beginning of the course to the end the difference was exceptionally noticeable- & probably the only course I’ve ever been on that has that level of difference within a very short space of time. All in all, I would very definitely highly recommend this training. ” To watch Laura Woodward’s video Testimonial – click here

Jan Olin

Jan Olin

Managing Director, MobiTV Europe

“I’ve just spent 2 days with Michael, and I must say it feels very good right now. Before these 2 days, I thought the quality of my presentations was a little unpredictable. Now it feels like I have a good framework and I can relax and focus on the audience and getting the message across. I think I’m a FACTOR OF FIVE FOLD more influential as a result of this. If you have a similar need, I do recommend you take this course. It’s REALLY REALLY VALUABLE.” To watch Jan Olin’s video Testimonial – click here

Tony Hampson

Tony Hampson

Director, MOR Facilities Management

“…I thought there wasn’t much I could learn about Presentation Skills, but Michael proved very quickly that you certainly can teach an old dog new tricks… I finished the course thinking it was one of the best I’d ever attended in the whole of my career. As a result, I sent many of my staff to work with him. In this present economic climate, the ability to get your message across to customers both old and new is extremely important. I believe that Michael is one of the best in the industry and I can’t recommend him highly enough…if you trust your training to him , you’ll be delighted with the results and see the benefits in improved sales and improved skills of your staff.” To watch Tony Hampson’s video Testimonial – click here

Emma Brakespeare

Emma Brakespeare

Account Manager, Weber Shandwick

“Before Michael’s training I was really nervous about public speaking. I used to lose my train of thought…I talked too fast…my eyes darted round the room, never sure where to look. I also used to write pages and pages of notes, which I felt I had to look at so that I didn’t miss anything! Michael’s training REALLY helped with all those points- particularly the “amoeba notes”. I’d never come across this process before and it was really really effective , even for a sceptic like me. It’s very clear, very simple, and makes what you want to say come across a lot more naturally and fluently…..and it’s REALLY HELPED me. Particularly for things like new business. I know that in the future I’m going to be far less nervous and talk about the important things I wish to say, rather than everything on my list. I’m really grateful I had the training and would recommend it to everyone.” To watch Emma Brakespeare’s video Testimonial – click here

Terence Chimanya

Terence Chimanya

Company Secretary, Aldwyck Housing Group

“I’ve just had the MOST enjoyable training session with Michael. I think this training is going to give me the edge when presenting to the board and to different boards of companies that Aldwyck owns. This training has been tremendous in bringing out the confidence levels in me. Thank you Michael very much.” To watch Terence Chimanya’s video Testimonial – click here

Katie Rothschild

Katie Rothschild

Account Manager, Futurebrand

“The training course with Michael 14 months ago was absolutely fantastic, and I’d highly recommend it. The course was extremely beneficial not only in terms of presentation skills, but also in my own personal development. It gave me more confidence, which then  had a knock on effect when I was handing clients and when I was dealing with  people internally. This has led to the possibility of promotion, and makes me feel happier about my everyday work.” To watch Katie Rothschild’s video Testimonial – click here

Ralph Odermatt

Ralph Odermatt

MD, Group Accounting Policy, UBS AG, Zurich

“…I’ve just spent 2 days with Michael 1:1… an excellent experience… I’ve really exceeded my expectations… feel much more comfortable in engaging with an audience… very convinced that I’ve made significant progress.” To watch Ralph Odermatt’s video Testimonial – click here

Chris Underwood

Chris Underwood

Head of Communications, International Alert

“I did the training with Michael about 6-7 months ago, and since that time I’ve used it in a range of different places and different events. I’ve used it for presenting to colleagues here, I’ve used it in the field. I recently arrived back from Eastern Congo where I used the techniques Michael taught us, particularly around structuring what I wanted to say and the preparation method that allowed me to get my message across in a very difficult and challenging environment. All in all, for me  it was useful for the techniques Michael shares and the way he used the group to learn from each other’s experiences. Michael is a very people focussed person – and one of the things I remember most from the programme was learning from my colleagues, and some of the stories Michael splices into his training, and altogether it made the group experience a very rewarding one. Other colleagues have reported growing hugely in confidence, and it’s demonstrable too. Highly recommended.” To watch Chris Underwood’s video Testimonial – click here

“Genuinely the presentation training that Michael gave was easily the single most useful session I have ever had. I am an experienced presenter but Michael has equipped me (and the group) with a very simple but highly effective method and approach to talking to groups of any size. I got to put this into practice the very next day to an audience of 150 people, without any notes and a smile on my face! I have recommended that all customer facing members of our business have this training and I would recommend the same to you. He’s a jolly nice fellow as well.
Michael has a unique and engaging way of helping people to be at their best when presenting, something many of us find challenging. His methodology is both unique and easy to follow and delivers impressive results after a short period of time.” David Staunton, Senior Product Marketing Manager at MetaPack

“ Thank you so much for the two days this week. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and really found the content extremely useful. I will definitely be trying out what I learnt over the coming months.”John Mewett , Marketing Director, Screwfix

“I did the presentation training 8 months ago now. Prior to the training I always got very nervous before doing presentations and would come away thinking I hadn’t quite got my message across in the way that I wanted to. Having done the training, I now feel much more confident when speaking in public, and now come away having said what I wanted to say in the manner I wanted to say it. I’ve had similar feedback here from other colleagues, who have all said the same thing. That they’ve come away with some very useful tips for speaking in public in future.” Cathie Folca, International Alert

Michael worked with me over an intensive two days1:1 to help with my presentation skills. I throughly enjoyed the experience thanks to Michael’s patience and considered approach. What’s more he made it fun and hugely beneficial. Can’t wait to try out the new skills and goes to show you can teach an ‘old dog’ new tricks! I highly recommend him. Trevor Hill, Global Head, Organisation Development at Markit
I have had the benefit of working with Michael on a number of occasions and colleagues at work have followed my lead based on my Michael is a genuine expert in his area and has made a step change in my presentation skills. What I really like is that he gives you a recipe-style manual for future presenting that really works. Definite recommendation. Guy Eccles, HR Director at B&Q
What Michael taught me in two days has become a part of my thinking pattern and has helped me better think and express myself. Thanks Michael Farrokh Derakhshani, Director, Aga Khan Award for Architecture
“After 25 years of experience as a director of investment banks, investment institutions and private companies – I know that when you have an important message to communicate, you need to be damn good at presenting. And I recognised that I was only ‘ok’, despite lots of past ‘presentational skills’ training. 
The Presentation Maestro has transformed this. When I was told the other day that there were 180 turning up to my talk at Citi, when I had been expecting 30, I wasn’t fazed at all, whereas in the past I would have been very nervous. 
This programme is completely different from any other communication training I have had and just ‘did what it said on the tin’. Not only do I now have a structure in which to drop in all the information I want to convey on any subject I need to present on, I can plan my talk much faster and know it’s got all the relevant bits to make it work effectively. 
And when I come to give it, I can speak without notes – a revelation to me that this is possible. And if I need to give an off-the-cuff speech, I now know how to do that too. I feel so much more confident about public speaking now and it’s definitely had a positive impact on my business.” Louise Cox Chester, Founder Director at Mindfulness at Work Ltd.
“Michael worked with the senior client facing team at Acxiom, both at a group and at an individual level, and has produced individuals with demonstrably enhanced techniques, confidence and presence. This has created both personal and tangible business benefit, evidenced in marketing presentations, speaking at conferences and in client engagements. The feedback from all of the participants, regardless of their different capability levels prior to the training, has without exception been extremely positive, even from the usual pre-cynics you get in every group. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael, and would definitely engage him again in the future. Mel Missen, Vice President – International Human Resources.” Mel Missen, Vice President – Human Resources, EMEA/ANZ at Acxiom
“I got onto Michael’s Presentation Skills course 2 years ago, and I must say it’s been phenomenal since then. It has improved my confidence, the approach is very simple, and it is something you can just get on and go with. It is amazing. I’ve recommended to friends that they attend the training, and I have seen the improvement in them.  I would highly recommend it any day. And I would suggest that if you do get the opportunity  – this is simple. it is no fuzz, it is direct, it is usable… I recommend you get on to it.”  Charles Kofi Fekpe, Senior Finance Officer International Alert
“Michael Trigg is one of the most mind-blowing speaker and coach I had the chance to meet. Engaging and very clear at every stage, his coaching sessions are made of very smart and easy-to-get concepts and tools. Combining both an efficient and enlightening theory phase and some engaging practice exercises, Michael is able to rise in only a day or two, anyone oral capabilities – and thus public aura!” Gauthier Boche, Strategy and Innovation Director at Lothar Böhm
“I found Michael highly professional, helpful and good fun to work with. Michael’s methodology is easy to understand and internalise. It makes perfect sense and makes a huge difference – easily visible in just several hours of working together. Again, it’s not just what Michael teaches, it’s also how he teaches it. This was one of my very best experiences of coaching and I recommend Michael without reservation.” Jed Mole, European Marketing Director at Acxiom
“Invaluable. Michael’s training made a tremendous difference to both my and fellow directors’ ability to present (without notes or slides) to a senior audience. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others looking to improve their presentation skills.” Keith Williams, Sales & Marketing Director at Wavex Technology Ltd
“…the great thing has been that I now find that I am approaching presentations in a far more confident and relaxed manner… we’ve been able to secure a considerable amount of work and get our ideas across clearly to our potential customers – and this is due in no small part to the training Michael has given to us. I couldn’t recommend his training too strongly.” Allan Broad, Business Development Manager, Connaught plc
“I was a sceptic, no doubt about it, but the pitch was intriguing and the requirement was there so I took the leap into somewhat of the unknown. 
I tend to present a lot but before I spent time with Michael I wasn’t aware that I wasn’t actually presenting, I was talking. Michael taught me the technique and discipline that has changed my presentation approach and given me a unique business and life skill that I cant understand how I have managed without. 
I am no longer the sceptic, I am a champion for all thing Trigg and I urge you to do the same. I can now create a winning presentation, present it without notes, and have the confidence that I have delivered the message I wanted. 
That to me is worth vastly more than the fee and the time out of the office and it forms a part of every interaction I now have. I whole heartedly recommend the Presentation Maestro to everyone, except my competition.” Mark Williams, Client Services Director at Wavex
“I have been both trained and used Michael to train my team. He gets amazing results from every level and is the best trainer I have encountered with regards to presentation skills and public speaking. I would highly recommend you download his ” app” -Ovation from the App Store it gives a great idea of how he takes people through the stages and steps required to become a great presenter” Tony Hampson, General Manager Qatar at OCS Group UK 
“The secret to giving a great presentation are the insights, advice and techniques that Michael’s training program provides. Invaluable, and a must for any professional.” Jeremy Borgust, Design Director at Lothar Böhm Associates
“….how I conduct and plan any presentations I give in the future will really all come from these two days. You’re never too late to learn!……gone will be the big Powerpoint presentations…they will see ME, they will get ME, and hopefully we will win business because of that…and these 2 days have been absolutely superb.” Terry Colthorpe, Business Development Manager, Healthcare Initial

“I was pretty confident that I had some pretty good presentations skills, but we hadn’t been winning much business recently, so there must have been something wrong! So I came on this programme, thinking that i was going to see another way of presenting…..”just another way”. What I’ve actually learned is a much better way of presenting, A far superior way of presenting…which actually feels much more comfortable…and comes across as being much more genuine……so, I would thoroughly recommend this course for anybody.”  Brett Harendence, Operations Director, Rentokil Initial Healthcare

“I attended the training Michael gave about how to make better presentations about 3 years ago. I found it incredibly useful. I really enjoyed Michael’s technique, and I enjoyed taking part in the training. His presentation is very very focussed, very very simple. What he said is “I have a way of helping you make better presentations. They’ll be more punchy, more effective and more interesting to listen to, and you’ll enjoy giving them much more.” And that’s exactly what he does. It does what it says on the tin! I’ve continued to make presentations – I feel much more confident in making them. I feel confident in making presentations to my colleagues, I feel confident making them externally – to donors, to politicians, to civil servants. A particularly memorable occasion for me was when I gave a presentation to 100,000 Liberians at a conference in Monrovia which seemed to go down very well, and Michael’s training gave me the confidence to do that. I wholeheartedly recommend this type of training, even for people who think they are already good at making presentations. It does make a difference.” Phil Vernon, Director of Programmes, International Alert

“Michael provides a framework that when used for presentations, increases their effectiveness, and thus the effectiveness of the presenter. Building on this presentation architecture, he transformed my personal presentation style using a combination of tools and experience. This combination of new presentation structure and personal style transformed my approach and dramatically improved my effectiveness.” Senior executive, financial services company   “I have always disliked giving presentations and wanted to know how people do this successfully without sounding like they are reading from a script. Michael gave me the tools to do this and the confidence to go on to speak in front of 150 people. His patience, understanding and obvious skills make this a painless and dare I say enjoyable process!”Penny Verbe, CEO of Smoke & Mirrors   “My session with Michael has been hugely valuable and I thoroughly recommend working with him. Michael is incredibly encouraging and knows how to get the best from people. After just one day, Michael completely changed my attitude and approach to presenting and I am now armed with excellent techniques and some new found confidence.  I can’t thank him enough!” Jenny McMahon, Account Manager, Weber Shandwick “Very very good. Incredibly useful and so easy to use. The trainer and subject were simply excellent.” Chris Gibbs, Account Director,Weber Shandwick   “Absolutely superb in all aspects. It was genuinely insightful and whilst I have plenty to learn about presenting, Michael always made sure our strengths were pointed out and gave everyone feedback and advice to get the best out of us. 15 out of 10 – if it was an option! All the people on the course who I’ve spoken to since have also given a glowing endorsement.” Charles Meredith-Hardy, Account Manager, Weber Shandwick