Oodles of articles  and multiple books have been written about making successful presentations. I’m guilty of  writing a couple of books on it myself. And when you read some of them, you could be forgiven for wondering how they ever made it into print. Not because they aren’t beautifully produced – although most aren’t. It’s because so many are either too theoretical or too prescriptive.

I don’t know about you, but I’m interested in things that work – as opposed to mere theory.   And as an example of a successful presentation, and a successful presentation training – I  would choose this example –  made in a very competitive market, under pressure and with a disparate group of people.

I once worked with a financial institution, and they were a very disparate group – and they didn’t actually want to be there in the room. They look for  – and try to secure  – large pots of money, such as pension funds.

But despite being a disparate group, I learned that after the one and a half days we spent together…they actually secured a £300,000,000 pension fund that had been “shadowing ” them for something like three years. Up till then they had never actually secured the business – they’d tried but they’d failed.

But three weeks after working with me  – they secured it. Part of the reason they did – was that they were clear, they were structured, and they were human.

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