Many people have an aversion to the whole idea of sales or selling or being sold to. It’s almost cultural in the British psyche. Yet all of us seek to influence and persuade every day. And a generation or two ago – the very notion of being “in trade” was frowned upon – largely by those who had enough money not to need to sully their hands with having to earn some.

Yet the truth is we are all in sales – in varying degrees. We want others to buy our ideas, our services , our suggestions. You can liken a good sale to be being of service. If you sell something that someone wants, and you are ethical and fair in what you say and what you charge – then you are serving them. In fact the word sale/sales comes from the Nordic word “selje” which means to serve.

An example of a good successful and persuasive presentation might be this one.

I once worked with a facilities management company who, I think they will admit themselves, are not exactly the sexy end of business. It is very basic and fundamental but there is big money if you get it right. And I worked with this particular pitch team for two days and shortly after working with me, I think 10 days after working with me, they secured the biggest contract in their companies history which was worth 500 million pounds.

They did it by being clear, natural and transparent  – and with a clear and logical train if thought. This I think was  a good example of a successful persuasive presentation .