See What Some of Our Clients Say

What do our clients say about their training course? Let them explain: 

Chris Gibbs: “Presentation is vital to our job. It is the core facet of every single thing that we do. That’s why I was looking forward to Michael’s training course so much. 
Michael’s course was very, very different. I found it extremely valuable and, in fact, a couple of days after I left the training course, I had to fly over to Budapest to present at a big client event. Everything was against me that day. The flight was late. I turned up after the event had actually started. I walked into a room to find there was over double the amount of people there. There was something about 50 people in that room.
Normally, I would have hated having to get up and present there, but using just one sheet of paper where I didn’t even really need to look at my notes, I was able to present off the bat for about 30 minutes very fluently, very naturally in a style that was much more as I would want to come across. In fact, the client liked it so much that she said she wants Weber Shandwick to do all the presentations on her behalf from now on. 
So, I’d really recommend this course to anybody who feels that they need to do more.”

Mark Cooper: “I’ve been very privileged to work with Michael Trigg over the past seven years. During that time, Michael has run a series of pretty high profile sessions for us and for our senior teams, all of which have produced highly-tangible results. Subsequent to that, I was delighted to find out that we won not one contract but, as a result of those presentations, two.
Michael is a hugely engaging presenter himself and sets all of his delegates at ease. I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending him for any type of group, but specifically actually for some senior teams.”

Kate Rothschild: “The training course that I had with Michael was extremely beneficial, not only just in terms of presentation skills, but also just in my personal development. It gave me more confidence, which then had a knock-on effect when I was handling clients and when I was dealing with people internally. This has led to the possibility of promotion.”


Tim Hancock “Michael helped hone my skills, develop my skills. Actually, the lessons he taught me, I’m using today now when I’m structuring presentations and working in front of the public. Since then, I’ve actually taken Michael and his skills to four different companies. Delighted to say he’s done a lot of training courses for us as well as working one-on-one with executives. I’ve introduced him to a number of senior PLC executives who’ve worked personally with him developed their own skills, their large pitches in the city or on the wire. That’s gone down very well.
He’s also been working with us directly on our own courses over the years, which has gone down well to specific bespoke courses for our own organisation, as well as developing coaching and mentoring programs.”


Connie Phillips: “Michael came into work with us about three years ago, initially as a pitch doctor, helping one of our teams prepare and win a pitch. As a result of the fantastic work that he did there with the team, training them and coaching them, he’s since been referred across the organisation and across the group. He’s been a delight to work with because people that use him love him. There’s great feedback on his work, as a coach and the techniques that he brings to the table. I think the real passion and commitment that Michael has, which we all love, because he cares about what he does and goes the extra mile and delivers the value each and every time.
The expertise that Michael has and the many, many years of experience that he brings to the table for us is great because it’s not always possible to find a trainer that has that great combination of the commitment, the expertise, and the skills. For me, as head of learning and development, I find Michael a joy to work with. I have no hesitation recommending him whatsoever. If fact, I would consider myself an advocate of Michael.”