In-house Presentation Masterclass

For small groups, run over 2 days

4 + 7 =

Do you dislike and avoid presenting? Would you like to become much more effective when you speak, pitch and present? 

So do many of your competitors… which creates a huge opportunity for you to obtain the upper hand on them, to have the advantage. The Presentation Advantage.  

When you have the chance to engage and influence face to face, you want to make a powerful, professional and natural impression. You will also want to prepare in a fraction of the time it takes you now and speak entirely without notes – and remember everything. You’ll want to be persuasive, convincing and appealing to do business with. 

Smarter competition and a rapidly changing world makes this essential. 

Why should people listen to you or buy what you’re suggesting? 

Spend 2 packed days in an In-house Presentation Masterclass and you will have the answers and the tools. 


Click on the video below to hear what Jessie Pengilly from CISCO got out of the In-house Presentation Training Masterclass she attended.

What You’ll Get From Your In-house Presentation Masterclass

  • Increased fluency, competence, eloquence and professionalism
  • Transformed ability to present to any audience
  • Vastly reduced preparation time  – by up to 90%
  • Get your message across every time
  • Win and retain more business
  • Differentiate and stand out from your competition
  • Practice and learn in a small group dynamic – challenging yet safe
  • Learn from each other as well as the tutor

Being able to establish a rapport with an audience quickly, talk their language and engage with them in a human yet professional way is a Critical Key Skill in persuading prospects, customers and clients to buy from you and buy into you for the future. It is the Presentation Advantage.

You have a stark choice to make. Seize the opportunity to stand out from the others, make a positive impact, engage and be remembered OR risk destroying a profitable and enduring relationship before it even starts.

Equipping small groups to learn the Presentation Advantage easily, effortlessly and highly effectively is one of my specialities.

Here’s How It Works…

You will give 3 talks over the 2 days, all of them filmed –  for playback and as evidence of your new skills, progress and personal growth.

All four of you will be  encouraged to make the most of your own unique style and personality without having any “formula” thrust upon you. This is NOT some speak by numbers type of Programme you may have been on in the past.

You will see – and experience – a big and recognisable difference in the improved way you present, connect and engage with any group. Big or small.

I’m so confident in the power of this programme – I’ll even Guarantee the results.

Each participant receives :

  1. Your own unique video of all 3 of your talks
  2. A copy of my book “Blow Your Own Horn”
  3. The latest version of the  “Ovation” app

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