The VIP Programme

Presenting, Writing, Media and Visual Image - By Application Only

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The ultimate executive presentation and communication programme – designed for exceptional people. It is exclusive, limited to only 8 applicants a year and designed to differentiate you from others. It will show you how to convey gravitas, eloquence and humanity – naturally.

What does the VIP Programme include?

  • 10 modules of 1:1 presentation coaching and rehearsals
  • 2 half days with one of the top business writing experts in the country
  • A day with an impression consultant
  • 2 half days with a highly experienced TV journalist & media trainer
  • Continuing support for 12 months
  • I will attend 3 of your most important live presentations to give support and feedback.

A survey of 1200 Chief Executives asked them one question: “What’s your secret? Why do you think you are where you are today?” A total of 60% of those surveyed answered that the reason they held the position they did was because they were excellent “on their feet”. They were able to engage, inspire and motivate, often at very short notice.

Many people can stand in front of an audience. Yet precious few can talk without notes for half an hour, and keep their audience engaged from the first twenty seconds till the close.

Think of the many talks you have endured that simply miss the mark and fail to engage. Remember how irritated you have been by jargon, too many slides, and wondering even why you were there.

You are clearly already successful, yet maybe feel that you are not as confident, fluent or engaging as fits your position. You’ll have often observed that seniority and status are no guarantee of competence or confidence when presenting. I knew the chairman of a major plc who was fiercely intelligent and commercially astute. Yet every time he spoke to the press, the share price fell between 20-50 pence!

You will want to get the maximum benefit possible in the shortest possible time. You’d like to know how to prepare in 90% less time than most people take. And you want to be heard, believed and followed – and to differentiate yourself and your business from the competition. You want to look, sound, and feel the part – naturally, confidently and with ease and eloquence. You also want guaranteed results and outstanding value for time.

How It Works

We start with a meeting over lunch at an exclusive London venue. We’ll get a feel for each other, I will learn what you wish to achieve from the programme, and we will explore to see if the VIP programme is right for you. This meeting is totally without fee or obligation, and I even pay for the lunch!

The Presentation Coaching

    • Once we’ve agreed to proceed, we set the dates for our first 4 sessions together. These last between 3 to 4 hours each. So within 4 weeks you could be able to deliver outstanding presentations to almost any audience. These first 4 sessions are best taken at weekly or fortnightly intervals, but your needs and diary will dictate the pace.
    • I video each of your talks on HD video. At the end of each session I personally edit and send you the finished results to view at your leisure. This is a powerful and easy way to integrate and install the learnings and is also demonstrable evidence of your progress.
    • As you are investing in concrete results, you will want to use what you have learned for giving important pitches, presentations and keynote speeches. This Programme includes 6 further sessions so that I can rehearse and prepare you specifically for the event. These can be taken at any time within 12 months.

Image & Personal Impact

    • Your appearance can speak volumes before you even open your mouth. So it is important to send the right subliminal messages.
    • Your clothes should be part of you – they should not wear you.  The best dressed among us aren’t noticed purely for the labels they wear or the money they’ve spent, they are noticed because they have chosen the right cut, tone, colour and style that allow their best attributes to shine through whatever the event or occasion.  An image expert can help you determine which clothing reflect your personality and your status, while flattering your physique to increase your confidence.
    • When we meet or see someone for the first time, our brain makes up most of its mind about that person in less than 90 seconds. More than 60% of our conscious brain is taken up processing visual information, so you are your own best – or worst – visual aid. If the brain likes what it sees, then it looks for reasons to like what you say.
    • To give yourself that extra edge, and to stand out subtly but impressively from the crowd, you spend a day with Emma Tennant. She doesn’t do “fluff”, but will give you practical tools, tips and ideas on how to manage the perceptions of others. Most find this session revelatory, fun and highly pragmatic. The day finishes with an accompanied shopping foray, should you wish it.

Written Communication

    • This Programme uniquely addresses verbal, visual and written communication. The ability to communicate with empathy and impact has become an important leadership skill. Leaders who do not write well, or who use tired ‘business speak’ with the communicate with their colleagues neither inspire nor influence and become, in the eyes of their peers, mere executives.
    • These two half day modules on how to write well look at how to get your message across so that you encourage a positive response. To write well you need to think about your audience, how to structure your message, clarity and tone.
    • It means writing to express not impress; it also means using the right words that convey meaning, shared understanding and action. Plain English works.
    • You’ll work with Paul du Zulueta, one of the most experienced business writing experts in the country. He will ensure that your written communication matches the verve and impact of your presenting skill.
    • An intensive and stimulating 2 half days of writing critique and coaching, using your own material sent to us in advance.

Handling the Media

  • You will spend a day with a highly experienced journalist and media trainer. He draws upon his experience as a political reporter and foreign correspondent to ask “blowtorch-on-the-belly” questions – and to show what’s needed to answer them with aplomb.
  • The training will be precisely tailored to cover any possible interview with your target media, print, TV and radio. You will do several recorded interviews – all with playback and full analysis.
  • When journalists want interviews they only want to talk to the most senior executive possible. You. This is a very different skill to presenting to a captive audience. Different media have different demands. It’s surprising how many people agree to be interviewed with no clear idea of what the context or story is, nor their part in it. What the journalist wants is a story. What you want is to get your key message across to your key audiences. And, of course, you want to convey yourself and your company in the best possible light. That’s what this coaching will deliver for you.
  • Amongst the topics he will cover with you are:
    • Understanding the media
    • What they want (and don’t want) and why
    • How to prepare for an interview
    • How to make your messages memorable for your audiences
    • How to avoid saying more than you intended
    • How to handle a negative story
    • How to give great answers to nightmare questions

Continuing Support for 12 months

Intensive programmes like this often restrict your access to both people and material. We don’t. You have unique hands on support. To keep you on track and to be a sounding board, you will have access to me by phone and Skype for the entire 12 months of the programme. We will arrange monthly progress calls with your PA and you will have my personal number for advice and support when you need it.

What You Can Expect

  • Mastery of a vital executive and personal skill – the difference that makes the difference
  • Become more charismatic, engaging and effective
  • Enhanced reputation – have audiences, clients and fellow directors talk about you in increasingly positive terms
  • Total focus on your individual and unique needs and outcomes
  • The choice to be coached when and where you want in total confidence
  • Increased eloquence, professionalism and presence – visual, verbal and written
  • Transformed ability to present to any audience
  • Preparation time slashed
  • Get your message across every time
  • Give great answers to tough questions – both from the media and board members
  • Win and retain more business
  • Make an elegant and powerful visual impact – subtle, yet striking and impressive
  • Differentiate and stand out from your competition

What To Do Next – Call Me on 07876595390 and let’s arrange that lunch or use the form above to request a call back.

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Meet the VIP Power Team


Michael Trigg has worked in nine countries and with over 60 different nationalities in over 55 organisationsHis background includes 5 years in the Army, 2 years in a merchant bank and 6 years with Proctor & Gamble. His experience has been built serving clients in investment banking, retailing, manufacturing, technology, facilities management, property, media, oil and gas, music and film, to name a few. Michael’s programmes are highly effective, pragmatic and have been refined and honed over 25 years. More importantly, they deliver results every timeGuaranteed. When you work with him, you will at the very least double your presenting effectiveness. Or your money back.


Paul de Zulueta has a strong record and wide experience of designing and delivering writing skills programmes across most business sectors. He has also delivered programmes in 11 countries worldwide. His current initiative with Barclays Wealth has achieved a 89% score rate from delegates over the last two years in the UK, Europe and Dubai.


Michael Dodd is a media and presentation coach and broadcast journalistHe helps business leaders and other professionals get their message across – through the media and face to face. Michael draws upon his experience as a political reporter and foreign correspondent to ask “blowtorch-on-the-belly” questions – and to show clients what’s needed to answer them with aplomb. He runs master classes on communications and media response skills for diplomats from UK Trade and Investment in British embassies, consulates and high commissions around the world.  Michael runs workshops to enhance the communication skills of business leaders groups such as Unlimited Potential, Vistage, the Executive Foundation, MD2MD and the Scottish Institute for Business Leaders. Michael also prepares frontline United Nations officials to deal with journalists reporting from international trouble spots.


Emma Tennant is an independent image consultant with years of experience in the fashion industry.  During her career she has worked in design, marketing, purchasing and merchandising.  She runs her own business working with private and corporate clients,  developing their image through workshops, private styling consultations, wardrobe management and personal shoppingWith her knowledge, insight and experience she will help you to understand everything from dressing for your shape, to developing the perfect wardrobe for all professional and social eventualities.