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Hi I’m Michael Trigg, the Presentation Maestro and I’d like to share a presentation skills tip with you.

This next tip about the voice – we’ve looked at volume and we’ve looked at pitch so far – this next one is about clarity, clarity and enunciation.

Now the way one enunciates are made with the teeth, the tongue and the lips. And the Brits, of which I am one, although I am half Australian are not always the very best at this.

If one is French or German the way the language is constructed is that you have to use the teeth, the tongue and the lips a lot more to make the sound. For example ‘ausgezeichnet’, ‘schrecklich’, I can hardly say it myself , ‘merveilleux’, you’ve got to use more of your mouth, tongue and teeth to make that sound. But in this country, or which ever country you are watching this, the English don’t often have to move their mouth very much actually to express themselves.

So I am not saying that one should actually talk like this because that looks very stupid indeed unless you are a long way away but do remember that one needs to enunciate clearly otherwise it just becomes a mumble. And one way of helping to cure this if you might be in that area is just to talk loud enough – it is very difficult to mumble and talk loudly at the same time – try it.

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