Hi Michael Trigg here, the Presentation Maestro, I’d like to share a tip with you about presenting today.

Having just talked to you about being authentic, I want to follow that with this tip. I think it is really important I think that the person your audience see standing up in front of them or across the table, is the same person they have coffee or lunch with afterwards. That’s why it’s important I think to be yourself, not the depressed side of yourself, but the upbeat cheerful side of yourself.

I know this sounds very obvious, but I know of a very famous broadcaster who is on one of our major radio programs, here and is highly respected. I happen to know someone who was on a panel with him once, and apparently in the Green Room before the presentation he was going to give, he was psyching himself up hugely and then came out and went “WAM” in stage, which was fantastic, but when people met him afterwards to get him to sign their copy of his book, or have a coffee with him there was a complete mismatch between the two. I don’t think that should be the case, I think the person they see on stage, or in front of them should be the same person they meet afterwards.

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