Hi Michael Trigg here, the Presentation Maestro, I’d like to share a tip with you about presenting today.

Now you may have seen from my previous tips if, you have watched them, that I was in my lovely Cotswold’s garden, but the traffic goes by every 10 seconds, so now we have come inside.

This tip I want to share with you today is the third duty of being an effective speaker.The first one was about being interesting and engaging, the second was about getting your message across and this third one is about being authentic, about being the real you. Now that may sound very obvious and you may well be saying to yourself “well I’m always me” but often when we get in a potentially stressful situation like making a presentation, often the real us doesn’t come out to play. We either get so nervous that we become muted and our voice becomes flatter and the real us doesn’t come out to play, or we get the odd person who thinks “gosh I better be a bit more exciting” and they become really extrovert and try and emulate a comedian of some sort, which is still not them. So I would strongly encourage you to let the real you come out to play, because it is far more engaging for all of us when the real person becomes available and engages with us.

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