Hi there I’m Michael Trigg, the Presentation Maestro, and I’d like to share a tip with you about presentation skills.

This next tip is about what we can learn from great presenters and this will require you doing a little exercise. I’d like you to take a sheet of paper right now and write along the top of it what do great speakers, great speakers do or demonstrate I’d like you to pause this video and write down the characteristics the seem to possess, do or demonstrate.

Now I’m glad you did that exercise because almost everything we do in terms of physical presenting falls essentially into one of two baskets, what you say and how you say it.

Now if you look at the list you made which category do most of those thing fall in, what you say or how you say it? If you are like most of my clients you will find that what you come up with largely comes into the how you say it category.

What you say is important but how you say it makes a good speaker, and that’s a very important learning.

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