Photo Credit: jscreations

Photo Credit: jscreations

The ability to present well will get you noticed by your bosses – almost guaranteed.

With the increased use of video conferencing , being able to deliver a presentation coherently and in a way that engages the audience is a prerequisite for promotion.

Those who don’t present  well or cannot hold attention for their ideas in a meeting  – will often get overlooked by their superiors. Being timid and polite can serve you well in some contexts, but not when presenting. Neither does interrupting others and being loud or argumentative. Remember – this is about  raising your profile,  not your ego.

Get good at it

Being able to present coherently and naturally and to ENGAGE with any audience is a skill worth mastering. Failing to do so can damage your career prospects, lose  existing and potential clients and  de-motivate your staff and team. And  does nothing for your self-esteem.

One of the most important skills to master is being able to engage with others confidently and eloquently – sometimes in a split second when you are unprepared. Once you have learned how to do this – and have confidence in your ability –  your natural personality is more likely to shine.

Be careful with confidence

Natural confidence is not an easy thing to muster when under pressure –though a good speaker can exude it on the outside even when they may be wracked with nerves within . There are a myriad of confidence building techniques available – some powerful and some frankly laughable. Yet my observation tells me that the most gentle and engaging confidence  comes a) from having a message and a structure to carry it and b) some cast iron techniques that you KNOW won’t let you down under pressure.

There is a difference  between confidence and cockiness. The first engages and involves and the latter repels – in a big way. There are few bigger turn-offs for an audience than someone in front of them who thinks he knows it all and has a huge ego.

Confidence grows naturally, and  from within. Yes – it is wonderful and affirming when you get great applause and generous feedback – they are a joy. But if inside you believe its a fluke or that it isn’t true – the ‘high’ is purely  temporary. I like to give you undeniable evidence of your success and progress and fool proof tools that will support you come what may. When you work with me , we  plant the seed  together. We nurture your skill and your self-belief  together – to create a naturally confident and highly effective presenter, happy in front of any audience.

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