Most of us aspire to being persuasive, to be able to influence with integrity, to pitch and present in a way that is not only natural yet also ethical and effective.

Many highly intelligent people have a natural aversion to being thought of as “salesy”. Often with good reason. Yet at pretty well every meeting and at every opportunity we have to present, then we are seeking to influence  – whether verbally or non verbally!

When looking at persuasion / persuasive techniques, there are a myriad of them  out there. But I’d like to encapsulate 3 for you here:

First of all – to be interesting and engaging is Number 1. Because if you’re not engaged by them and they aren’t engaged by you, you’re unlikely to be persuasive.

Secondly,  be clear and structured in your message. Because if it’s just a mish-mash and shapeless , it’s far less likely to be persuasive. A clear train of thought helps both you and those listening to you.

Thirdly and AS importantly as the others is to be yourself….to be natural….to be authentic. And if these three come together, you’re MUCH more likely to be persuasive than if not.

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