How to Incorporate your own personal style into a Presentation

“Hi, it’s Michael Trigg here, The Presentation Maestro, and this question is How can a presentation incorporate your own personal, natural style, is it possible?

And my very sincere answer is ‘my god YES!, it should do. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone at the front who is going through the motions of some corporate apparatchik and trying to lay down the law and be somebody they’re not. i think one’s own personal style, and we’re all unique in this respect, should come through, very much so.

There’s certain dos and don’ts as you doubtless know about presenting if you’ve been watching any of this series of videos of AskMichael and any of our YouTube channel The Presentation Maestro.  There’s all sorts of tips and hints there, but if you have a good structure, that will allow you to carry your message and get it across every single time, a way of installing everything that you want to say in your head, which is covered in my book Blow Your Own Horn, if you’ve got it have a look at the chapter on Magical Notes, if you haven’t got it, you can get it on Amazon and that will allow your own personal style your own authenticity to shine through every single time.  And that’s what you want, someone’s personal style, mixed with authenticity to get the message across.

So Yes, your personal style should come through every time.  See you on the next one.”