On Sunday 9th June at 11pm the offer to join “How to Create Outstanding Presentations in a Fraction of the Time” is scheduled to expire.


We’ve received a lot of questions, and here are our answers to them: 


Q1. Is this an actual Presentation Course?
A1. Yes it is. It’s a practical course, not theoretical, so be prepared to DO.

Q2. So how does it work?
A2. It’s a structured 6-week Online Programme.  You need to be available to invest between 2 and 3 hours a week of actual ‘work’ (most of it is self-paced) and be ready and willing to reap the benefits of being able to stand and talk naturally, easily and get your clear message across WITHOUT using notes or slides as a crutch. 

Q3. What else can I expect? 
A3. Start to think now about how, a
fter you’ve finished the course, you will use the hours/days you’ll get back – that you would have spent preparing and fretting – and look forward to being more calm, self-assured and confident and maybe a nicer person to be around.

Q4. Is there a guarantee?
A4. Be open to change, bring your ‘best-self’ and commit to this programme, do all the work, complete the assignments, and if you don’t double your effectiveness in creating a perfectly structured talk with a clear message, we’ll give you your money back.

Q5. Is the coaching done individually or as a group?
A5. Both! During the 6 week, we get together weekly for our Group Q&A sessions.  These are so powerful because there’s an added benefit of having a group of incredible individuals ALL holding you to account and cheering you on that simply isn’t there in 1 to 1….
BUT having said that, the programme includes two individual 1:1 Zoom calls with us – where we will give you individual feedback.

Check out  “How to Create Outstanding Presentations in a Fraction of the Time” here

Q6. What if i’m a loner who doesn’t play well with others?
A6. Fine.  There’s no pressure or expectation for you to get on with or mingle with your fellow members.  We do think you can forge some good relationships and friendships from taking the same course and supporting each other in a group like this, but there’s no pressure to mix if that’s not your thing.

Q7. What if I don’t know what kind of talk I want to give?
A7. No problem.  What we’ll teach you will apply to almost any type of talk, and covers every future eventuality. For the programme, whatever subject you choose to work on (even if it’s not work), you will learn to apply the tools techniques and ways of thinking. What you’ll learn will equip you for almost any type of talk
in the future, big group, small group, formal or informal. So when you are faced with a talk to give you’ll be ready.  What you learn here will be with you throughout your career, from company to company, business to business, role to role. It’s a skill for life, keep practising and it will only improve.  

Q8. If I don’t give many presentations now, should I still bother?
A8. That depends: If you are unlikely to be giving many presentations or talks in the future and you’re OK with the one’s you’re giving now fabulous, save your time and money – Keep doing what you’re doing and maybe watch our tips on Social Media or YouTube.  But, if you think you may be presenting more in the future, it might be worthwhile to begin working on your skills now to be ahead of the game.

Check out  “How to Create Outstanding Presentations in a Fraction of the Time” here

Q9. What time are the scheduled events?
A9. The weekly learning sessions are set to happen every Monday at 10am UK time, with the exception of the final week which will be on a Wednesday at 10am.  The weekly Q&A sessions will tend to be every Friday at 10am UK time.

Q10. What happens if I can’t make a particular time or day?
A10. No problem.  All sessions are recorded and the replays are released almost immediately after the event.  In the case of Q&As – if you can’t make one, send us your questions and requests for support BEFORE the session and we’ll answer them on the call so you can catch up at a time that suits you.

Q11. Why is this expensive?
A11. What we’d ask is compared to what? 
What you are getting is a unique programme developed by us, and honed over 25 years in companies large and small, face to face. They’ve proved it works.  
powerful transformational tools and ways of thinking have helped our clients win £billions of new business, get promoted, increase share price and take their confidence, respect, recognition – and businesses – to a completely different level.
The only other way to get to work with us is through private consultation at £2500 per day or by attending an Open, or in-house Masterclass.  On this programme you’re able to work around your business and your life. You’ll be getting both of us, live twice a week, for around 2-3 hours, for 6 weeks.  

Q12. Why is it so cheap?
A12. Hahaha well we don’t think it is.  You’re investing more than just money.  You’re investing several hours a week for 6 weeks to change the way you create your presentations for the better FOREVER!  This requires also an investment of your own belief in yourself and the desire to commit your mind and energy to this.  We think that, along with the financial price, is a serious consideration.
Having said that – the offer is OUTSTANDING! The reason we can do this is because we will be reselling the programme for years to come (and for a higher price).

Check out  “How to Create Outstanding Presentations in a Fraction of the Time” here

Q13. I’m not good with tech – Can I still do this?
A13.  Sure! We’ll tutor you in any of the technical skills required.

Q14. I’ve tried other presentation courses and they didn’t work well at all should I really bother?
A14. That depends entirely on how seriously you take your responsibility and desire to get your message – your brilliance – out to the world.  Let’s face facts – most things in life don’t work the first time around.  That’s not a good reason not to try again… and something different… especially not with our total support, guidance and coaching through the entire process.

Q15. I need this, what should I do?
A15. Go here to register before doors close.