Networking for Introverts

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More confident networking starts here….

Do you hate networking but know you have to do it to grow your business?

Does your stomach start to churn when your turn is coming to stand and speak?

Do you feel awkward about walking into a room full of strangers, going up to them, introducing yourself? What about ending a conversation gracefully?

Do you know what? You’re not alone, promise!

Many people have come up to me over the years, saying “Can you help?”

I’ve listened – and decided to create a programme that really HELPS.

Believe it or not I too have struggled with networking – it doesn’t come naturally to me either. But over the years I’ve found things that work – and I share them with you in this New Online course Networking for Introverts.

Networking for Introverts is task oriented and gives you practical things to say and do that will make networking easier and more effective for you.

If you are like most self employed business owners, you are a busy person with a business to run and not much time to wade through theory. So Networking for Introverts is designed to give you core things to say and do.    

Each daily video contains a task for you to do and practice, to become familiar with and give you something to ‘pull out’ and use at networking events.

When you practice and apply what is in Networking for Introverts you will become a more confident, effective networker; walk out with more connections and build your business the way you see others doing.

Be one of the first to benefit from easier and more confident networking.

Hop on board today – and get Networking for Introverts for £TBC

Thank you for your interest in Networking for Introverts.

We are currently running a pilot programme to test it and make it as good as possible.

We intend to launch the programme by the end of September.

If you’d like to register your interest, email and she will let you know when it’s available for booking.


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