Nader Khosravani

Associate Director, Strategy. Futurebrand.

“I worked with Michael about a year and a half ago. Having worked in the industry for a while and been presenting to clients for many years, I thought “How much more can I learn?” I got a bit cocky about it. But actually, the course was fantastic. It teaches you how to really structure your thoughts, to really read your audience’s mind before you walk in so that you can speak and structure your thoughts around them. It teaches you clarity and the pitfalls around what to do and what not to do.

The benefits for me were realised very soon after the course. We had to go to Egypt to pitch for a job. I remember getting the brief from my boss and thinking “You can’t be serious! 24 hours to turn this job round?” I was beside myself with anxiety, but I really applied the stuff I’d learned from Michael. And in 24 hours I turned it around and created a great presentation with great ideas. Went to Cairo, pitched, and a couple of weeks later we’d learned we’d got the job. And as far as I’m concerned, that wouldn’t have been possible without the training course that I attended with Michael.”

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