How can I avoid appearing overconfident?

Hi It’s Michael Trigg here, The Presentation Maestro.  And this question is how do you avoid appearing overconfident during a presentation? When is overconfidence more than confidence?
It’s a great question. And from the audience’s point of view it’s almost a feeling really, is that guy up there or that woman coming across a bit smug and full of themselves?
But of course it starts with you the presenter.
And it’s worthwhile remembering you’re there to serve your audience not to dominate them.  Even if you are Chief Executive, even if you’re leading an organisation, you’re there actually to serve them. And they want that feeling of comfort as well as authority.
So i think it starts with oneself being a little bit humble you can have a beautiful balance of humility and confidence – but it needn’t be overweening, and when it is, it’s really painful to watch and listen to. So remind yourself that you’re there to serve. And keep a bit of humility as well as your confidence.
Hope you found that vaguely useful, see you on the next one.