Heather Whitehead

Operations Director, Rentokil Initial

“I approached the 2 day advanced presentation skills course with a good deal of interest and enthusiasm but I was also curious about what I would get and it really has been an inspiration… doesn’t happen very often…. when I can say I have truly learned something new in 2 days.

I’ve learnt to approach presentations in a completely different way…..within 2 days I’ve reached a point where I can prepare quickly and efficiently for a presentation and present to a group of people I may never have seen before, using no notes, potentially no slides or minimal slides….to truly engage with them in a confident and clear way. Not only have I learnt something absolutely new in the last 2 days, but the atmosphere has been fantastic. It’s been very relaxed, very informal.

The 2 days have absolutely flown by, I don’t know where they’ve gone to and that doesn’t happen often when you go on a course, so, I would highly recommend this programme and I would thank Michael for what he’s given us.”
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