Guy Eccles

HR Director, Screwfix

“I have to make a lot of presentations and over the years I’ve become somewhat workmanlike in doing them – certainly nothing special. A few months ago a colleague and I worked with Michael to try and hone up our skills.

We gained so much from the programme that I recommended it to my fellow directors, all of whom have now done the programme themselves. We’ve all got something individual from the 2 days, but I think there are one or two things in common that we’ve all really gained from. These centre around the fact that Michael GIVES you and trains you in a specific – what I consider to be a “recipe card” – in impactful and effective presentations.

And that “recipe card” really has a couple of positive outcomes. Firstly – it RADICALLY REDUCES the amount of time it takes to create the presentation….but more importantly it really specifies and hones the content much more elegantly. So you end up with something that’s very clear in it’s message and tuned in to the audience.

We’ve gained an awful lot from the programme and I’d very happily recommend it to anybody who has to make presentations and impact in their work.”

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