“How do you get energy from the forest of eyes you see in front of you?

It’s a great question, and to begin with let me dispel it or turn it on it’s head, I don’t think you do really get energy from all those eyes.  They have their own energy and you have yours.

But what is important is about you being in the right state to begin with. And that’s a mixture of breathing exercises breathing maybe from your nose down into your tummy and out again, 5 or 6 times, that will get you into the right state and then knowing you have a good structure and a very good introduction puts you in the right state here (head) to then display energy and just let it rip when you start in front of them.

So I wouldn’t worry about getting energy from them, I’d be more concerned with you giving them energy because a lot of them just look like puddings sitting there and the average audience doesn’t look terribly enthused and they often don’t change even though they are enthused inside they often won’t show it.

So avoid being put off by how they look, concentrate on your own energy getting that in the right state before you open your mouth and then your energy will transmit to them.  Hope you found that useful see you on the next one.”