Emma Brakespeare

Account Manager, Weber Shandwick

“Before Michael’s training I was really nervous about public speaking. I used to lose my train of thought…I talked too fast…my eyes darted round the room, never sure where to look. I also used to write pages and pages of notes, which I felt I had to look at so that I didn’t miss anything!

Michael’s training REALLY helped with all those points- particularly the “amoeba notes”. I’d never come across this process before and it was really really effective , even for a sceptic like me. It’s very clear, very simple, and makes what you want to say come across a lot more naturally and fluently…..and it’s REALLY HELPED me. Particularly for things like new business. I know that in the future I’m going to be far less nervous and talk about the important things I wish to say, rather than everything on my list.

I’m really grateful I had the training and would recommend it to everyone.”

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