David Staunton

Presentation Masterclass Client Testimonial from David Staunton

“ I recently did a 2 day course with Michael about presenting. I was already actually a really experienced presenter – presenting 4 or 5 times a week to directors & CEOs of businesses all around the world. But what Michael was able to teach me were some really valuable skills about presentation…about forming ideas really quickly and “wholely” ….also about a really really easy and usable format for any type of presentation – whether to a small group or in front of a large auditorium. 

I was able to put it into practise the very next day at a presentation to 500 people. We had loads of problems with the audio visual and slides not working, but I really wasn’t phased at all. The skills that Michael had given me over the previous 2 days meant that I was really comfortable to be able to go up there, give my presentation…to engage with everyone in the room…and to be really happy about what I did. 

I know that previously I’d have been very nervous – even with all my experience – about things not going well with all the technical problems going on behind me. But this time I was really centred – able to give a great delivery – and I know that going forward, Michael has equipped me with the right tools and the right skills to be able to do this time and time again to the best of my ability. “