Have you ever watched a presenter just stand and speak fluently, naturally, eloquently – connecting with everyone – with few if any slides…… how did it make you feel?

For most it fills us with Awe, perhaps a little envy, a secret wish we could do the same – but we just don’t believe we can.



We want to help you create OUTSTANDING TALKS that get you noticed, followed, respected and recognised

(Even if you’re sceptical, don’t have the gift of the gab and hate presenting)



Here’s the thing…….

….many people (who are struggling to get people to listen and follow them) feel success comes down to DNA, you’re just born with it… or not.

Are you like these people – all of whom were clients we’ve helped (names changed for confidentiality):

  • Sabina – who realised she was all over the place, going off track, forgetting what she wanted to say and took too long saying it…. Bags of passion, but no structure

  • Kevin – who felt he didn’t connect with his audience, wasn’t taken seriously, not listened to – said he even bored himself, and was overlooked for promotion… Knew his stuff but couldn’t make it come alive

  • Javier – who took forever to prepare, hours getting the slides together, writing pages of notes or bullet points, then trying to memorise everything…

  • Faith – who’d just moved into a senior management role and was ‘supposed to be able to do it’ – when she stood up to talk her mind went blank, everything she’d memorised just disappeared and she ended up reading her notes and slides… sounding like a robot!

“Communication is probably the most important skill of the chief executive in the modern world,”

Andy Penn, Telstra

Is speaking becoming an increasingly important part of your role? 

  • Maybe you’ve moved to a senior management position

  • Perhaps you’ve landed a new job, a fresh start, and want to impress from the beginning; knowing it will be so much easier to lead and make your mark

  • Maybe you’ve tried your company’s programme and it just didn’t give you what you hoped

  • Do you have a competitor internal or external and you just want the edge, to blow them away, to assert yourself, to stamp your authority?

  • Are you fed up with losing out to the guy with the gift of the gab? You know you know more, you’re better than him/her but (s)he’s charming and persuasive and wins – and – it’s YOUR TURN

  • Maybe you go home at the end of the day, discouraged, worrying about it so much it’s affecting your life outside work

If any of this resonates then we’ve got something for you

What is it?

To bring any talk alive you’ve got to get the delivery right. But underlying good delivery you need a good structure, organised thinking and a clear purpose and THAT’S what this programme does for you.

It is different from other presentation programmes because we don’t give templates, instead we teach a structure that is flexible and adaptable and just works AND we teach a unique way of embedding your content into your head WITHOUT memorising –

What everyone’s been looking for & hasn’t been able to find…

 until now

1. A bomb-proof structure for ANY talk you give… big or small, formal or informal, 1 to 1, or on stage in front of hundreds.

What this will mean: you’ll be able capture your client/audience’s attention in the first 57 seconds, keep it throughout, and get your message across every time – guaranteed.


2. A way of preparing that is more effective and easier, using of both sides of your brain –

What this will mean: You will be organised and crystal clear, won’t overload your audience/client and it SLASHES your preparation time by up to 90%!


3. Most magically of all we’ll show you how to install everything you want to say into your head –

What this will mean: you will look and sound more conversational and natural, everything comes out in the right order, WITHOUT MEMORISING, you stay on track, you forget nothing, you can adapt in the moment and gracefully handle interruptions with ease – and all without the need to rely on notes or slides – it’s the NIRVANA of presenting.


The tools, techniques and ways of thinking we teach you have been honed ‘in the fire’ of working with companies large and small over the last 25 years. From household names such as Sainsbury’s and B&Q, Goldman Sachs and UBS, to technology and pharmaceutical companies, and small businesses alike –

They’ve proved it works!


You know how important this skill is…..  but perhaps you’re the only one in your company that sees how valuable it will be – you want to invest in yourself, your future, in a skill you know you will take from job to job, company to company – a skill that the more you use it the better it becomes.



Our Guarantee to you:

If you keep an open mind, follow the programme and do the work you will double your effectiveness in creating a perfectly structured talk with a clear message – or your money back.

Doors close 11pm (UK Time) on Sunday 9th June 2019