Chris Underwood

Head of Communications, International Alert

“I did the training with Michael about 6-7 months ago, and since that time I’ve used it in a range of different places and different events. I’ve used it for presenting to colleagues here, I’ve used it in the field. I recently arrived back from Eastern Congo where I used the techniques Michael taught us, particularly around structuring what I wanted to say and the preparation method that allowed me to get my message across in a very difficult and challenging environment.

All in all, for me  it was useful for the techniques Michael shares and the way he used the group to learn from each other’s experiences.

Michael is a very people focussed person  – and one of the things I remember most from the programme was learning from my colleagues, and some of the stories Michael splices into his training, and altogether it made the group experience a very rewarding one. Other colleagues have reported growing hugely in confidence, and it’s demonstrable too. Highly recommended.”

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