Chris Gibbs

Chris Gibbs

Account Director, Technology, Weber Shandwick

“Presentation is vital to our job. It’s the single core facet to everything that we do. That’s why I was looking forward to Michael’s course so much.

I’ve been on a lot of courses to do with Presentation over the years. And whilst good at the time, I find there’s not a lot you can use once you leave the “classroom”. Michael’s course was very very different. I found it extremely valuable.

In fact, a couple of days after the course I had to fly to Budapest to present at a big client event.

Everything was against me that day! The flight was late, I turned up after the event had started, I walked into the room to see double the amount of people I’d expected and normally I would have hated having to get up and present there. But using just one sheet of paper( which I really didn’t need to look at) I was able to present “off the bat” for about 30 minutes, very fluently & naturally, in a style that was much more as I would want to come across.

In fact the client liked it so much, she has said that she wants Weber Shandwick to do ALL the presentations on her behalf from now on!”

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