Are you good at multitasking? Well your audience may not be.

Have you heard of Cognitive Load?


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Apparently people can’t read and listen at the same time.  And that means slides full of bullet points just don’t deliver.  In fact, speaking the same words as written on slides reduces comprehension. And THAT means the hours poured into creating a deck of slides could be better spent elsewhere.


Just think of all you could accomplish in that time.


This article by Geoffrey James appeared in on 9 August 2019



We have been suggesting using fewer slides for quite some time.


Here are a couple of simple tips:
  • Use Pictures – they can better help your audience to understand than words (a picture paints……..) – make your slides VISUAL
  • Use as few slides as possible – as an AID to your message.
And finally….. perhaps consider a different way of creating a presentation which means you remember everything you want to say in the right order without memorising or pages of notes….. just a thought
It’s what we’ve been teaching for years.
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