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The 13 Secrets of Powerful Presenting

The 13 Secrets of Powerful Presenting

These 13 Secrets are all about communication – probably the most important skill in life. When we communicate better, we get results faster….and feel better about ourselves, our purpose and our business.
In these 13 Secrets I’ve distilled the very essence of what I believe and teach, and what works.


Blow Your Own Home

Blow Your Own Horn

This book shows you HOW to fulfill the 3 duties of any presenter – to be interesting and engaging, to get your message across and to be authentic. It will you give you a ROCK SOLID structure for almost any talk – and a way of cutting your preparation time by UP TO 90%.




99 Tips for Successful & Powerful Presenting

These 99 Tips are designed to help you Stand Out from the Crowd. I’ve spent over 20 years and over £100,000 researching the best, most powerful and pragmatic presentation techniques on the planet. This Tips booklet and Audio product are a distillation of some of the most useful techniques and attitudes that I found. They all work, time and time again, and in almost any context.