13 Secrets of Effective Presentation Skills – Secret #9

Secret #9 – Vary your intonation

Absolutely crucial. The importance of this varies from culture to culture. Welsh and Italians tend to have a musical lilt to their voice and very varied intonation and pitch. The Finns, Bulgarians and some English less so.

Your pitch or intonation is the “music” in your voice – the interest factor. Vary it slightly more than you would in every day speech. Imagine you are telling a joke to your friends in a bar, or engaging with interest across a lunch table – would you have a flat, boring pitch?

Of course not. So avoid doing that in a presentation. One of the best and easiest ways to ensure that your pitch varies is to keep your volume higher than normal – have you ever tried talking loud with a flat pitch to your voice? Go on – try it. It’s almost impossible!

So vary your pitch and keep your volume high – both will help you to engage and enthuse your audience. These people did – do  take a moment to check out what they say, often years after working with me (link to testimonial page).



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