13 Secrets of Effective Presentation Skills – Secret #7

Secret #7 – Signposting.

So simple, so powerful – yet rarely practised. You can start brilliantly, have your audience keen and engaged, yet lose them all too easily if they cannot follow where they are in your talk. Avoid all attempts to be subtle here. Imagine them looking like two old fashioned street signs on a pole – pointing at 180 degrees from each other – one up the street and one down. In practise it would sound like this….

“Now that was some tips about Pauses……now let me move onto point 7, which is all about the importance of Signposting…..PAUSE…….” If you are too swift or subtle, your audience will not have noticed the change in direction/topic and will easily become confused as to where they or you are. And a confused audience is not going to be a happy one – unless you’re telling lots of jokes and they don’t care!


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