13 Secrets of Effective Presentation Skills – Secret #5

Secret #5 – Making more of “you” available

There is something inside all of us which engages more willingly with a speaker when they are being themselves, rather than putting on an act. Of course, we can be enthralled and moved by great and even good acting. That is why we pay to go to the theatre – it’s entrancing. But we know the context – and we know they are acting – and we are paying them to “act.” A presentation is not acting, it’s about being natural .Yes, we will talk louder to a room full of people than we would across a dinner table, but it should still be natural.

“How to do this? There are many facets, but the most powerful tools to allow the real you to come across are:
1) a fool proof structure and message (described in the free book  Stand Out from the Crowd)
2) a note format that allows you to say all that you want, without being tied to a script or slides.

The method that I teach literally programmes your brain with the content, and it comes out in the right sequence and without you having to refer to the notes. The content is already there in your brain – and your brain just delivers, as if by magic. Once you have experienced the sheer power and simplicity of this technique, and it only takes a couple of times, then more of you becomes naturally available to the audience. And your audience will love it.



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