13 Secrets of Effective Presentation Skills – Secret #4

Secret #4 – Have a message

Think back to the last ten presentations you sat through. How many of them were crystal clear in their message? And do your talks have one -every time? If you asked someone to stand at the door & quiz the people on their way out – what message would they be taking away?

Ask some of your colleagues why they are giving a presentation and just listen to the answers. “It’s the monthly meeting” “It’s part of my job.” “It’s the first Tuesday of the month.” “Because my boss asked me to.” “Because my team expect it”. In other words, they don’t have one!

Every talk needs an AIM – a message. There is only one AIM and it needs to be crystal clear. A good way to phrase it might be “What I’d like to achieve over the next 20 mins is to X so that you are better able to Y.”



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