13 Secrets of Effective Presentation Skills – Secret #13

Secret #13 – Get noticed by your peers & bosses – raise your profile not your ego.

Being able to present well, coherently and engagingly is more than ever a prerequisite for promotion. If you can’t present well, you are likely to be passed over or sidelined. Tough but true.

One of the most powerful means to do this is to present and engage confidently and eloquently. If necessary at the drop of a hat. It allows your natural talents and personality to shine through and be noticed, without having to boast, blag, brag or play politics.

Unless you choose to!

Think of those speakers you’ve seen and heard who’ve exuded that sense of confidence and calm and being in control. It’s hard sometimes not to feel envious at their way of being. And we have all witnessed the sort of confidence that manifests as cocky and over weaning and self satisfied. Few things can turn an audience off faster.

Working with me, you’ll build a natural sense of confidence, that comes from the inside, from an inner knowing. It isn’t bolted or sprayed on from the outside – the seed is planted and watered and nurtured from within. I guarantee it.

It’s been a pleasure sharing these “13 Secrets’ with you over the last 3 months – congratulations for staying the course! As you will by now have realised, it’s a VERY small percentage of people who combine even a few of them together. I hope that you’ll now be joining this select and growing band.

If you haven’t already seen them, do take a moment to have a look at some of these short and varied videos.

If you’d like to explore further, without pressure or obligation, do get in touch.

Thank you, and successful and fulfilling presenting!



Best wishes