13 Secrets of Effective Presentation Skills – Secret #1

Secret #1 – Differentiate Yourself

Businesses ultimately fail or succeed through sales – clients wanting to buy and use their services and products or ideas. Being able to win and retain clients is crucial. Far too often, almost total reliance is placed on “The 3 P’s” – process, procedure and Powerpoint – these neither touch the soul nor ignite the imagination. Are you guilty of relying on them?

Benjamin Franklin said “If you seek to persuade, appeal to the interest rather than the intellect.” We teach you how to influence with integrity , whilst building a relationship. So often what we have to sell or offer is very similar if not identical to what our competition offers. The fees are similar, the product similar, the client list, the track record, the sort of people working for the organisation….so why should the client choose you?

Many reasons, but rarely are they to do with fees, process or the product. It often has much much more to do with how you engage – how well they feel understood – how you talk plain English – how safe they feel to ask questions – how well you package the message so that they understand where you are coming from and where you want to go. These sort of things create the difference that makes the difference.

Let me give you a real example. One of my clients – a major branding agency – had a potential client say .. “Listen, I know you can do the work. And I know the 4 other agencies I’ll be interviewing can do the work too. What I’m looking to decide is ‘ Do I want to work with you for the next 3 years?’” What do you think your client might say? Would he choose you rather than your competition?



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